HS friends

Last October 26th, I arranged a mini get together with some of my friends. It was for my boyfriend’s birthday so I called in our close friends to celebrate it with us. So here we are. :) Although there’s some drama happened especially the day after until this Tuesday.

I honestly didn’t expect that to happen or I didn’t really plan for them to see each other. All I care about is that they should be there cause it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and they were both our friends. I don’t really give shit about them being ex. I don’t want her calling my friend–who I was closed to as a brother–a bad person in public. >:( You don’t do that in Facebook even though in your opinion he really is. It’s not nice.

But all is well now. I don’t really care if she still can’t get over it even though they both have their own lives now and partners… It’s just annoying cause that just means that she’s still bitter to my friend. Even though it happened like, 2 or 3 years ago? or something. My bf even asked me to stay the heck out of their business… As if I wanted to be part of it. *rolls eyes*

Oh well. At least I enjoyed being with my friends for that day even for a while. ;)


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