Watch: Prom (2011)

Anyone already watched Prom last year? I have this movie in my hard drive for almost 4 months now… And I just watched it earlier today. And I must say that I quite like it. Although I really don’t get why American Proms are so big deal in there. :o I attended my Prom cause I was obligated not because I was really looking forward to it. Er… In our country, we don’t do Prom like in US.

We did our Prom in a hotel. In Manila Hotel to be exact PLUS it was daylight. It started in our year then, 2006 to have the Proms early as in morning/afternoon. The Proms before us was always night time. BUT since they–meaning the school–said that most of the students tends to hook up or something they changed it to day time. >:( Sucks. And our prom is not all about the dresses or the dates. Boys don’t asks girls to be their date. Weirdly enough, our Prom since the beginning of the school, was all about competition. Dance competition. It’s fun to rehearse with all your classmates and then compete for the trophy. To be the champion.

The dance competition is by section per year level. Our adviser’s class for 3 times in a row, won the championship. That’s why our Nanay (mother in English, we call our Teacher/Adviser that way) was such a slave driver, perfecting our dance routine. ;) I was scolded many times because my hands were not in the way they’re supposed to be. LOL. But sadly, we didn’t. We broke the record. We’re only the first runner up. :( But it’s a close call. We almost won.

And oh, btw, what I experienced might be different to the other schools in my country. I believe my cousin’s prom was different than mine’s. So this was personally my own opinion. So yeah, see why I don’t get the US Prom? >_< But I enjoyed watching this one. It makes me feel like I wanted to live in US just to experience that kind of rush of feeling when Prom was just around the corner. Where you wanted your crush or love to be your date that incredible one night. Where you could have a good time dancing with your friends and your loved one.

But not that I would like to erase my experience of Prom cause I enjoyed that one too. That feeling of nervousness cause your time to dance in front of everyone was so nerve-racking. I literally shook my whole body cause I’m that nervous. My hands were so freakin’ cold like ice. My teeth chatter because of cold, stomach was shivering inside. Yeah, that nervous plus the air conditioning was freakin’ high for my taste.

 Back in the movie, I loved it. Especially Thomas McDonell. ;) Try watching it too. You might like it.


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