Ramblings: Braided and Curly Hairstyles.

Hah! So I haven’t been reading a lot this past week. I’ve been marathon-ing the TV Series Nikita Season 1 and 2, finally I’m in the latest Season and the current episode. BUT, that doesn’t mean I am reading continuously… Cause I really am NOT. I’m not touching my reader to read Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O’Hearn. I’m stuck with Chapter 3, about 6%. WHY???

It’s because I’m becoming obsess with this braided and curly hairstyles that I’ve been watching a LOT in Youtube. I especially like the channel of Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles. :) It’s pretty awesome over there. You might want to watch it too. I recently, yeah, just yesterday, did lots of their featured hairstyles. Like the Regular and the French Fishtail Braid, Four and Five Strands Braid, Curling your hair using socks (No heat! and very effective), Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games hairstyle and the Dutch Flower Braid. :) 

I’ve done Fishtail Braid, Four and Five Strand Braid, curling my hair with socks and the Katniss Everdeen hairstyle in my own hair. Then I did my Mom’s hair too. I’ve tried the French Fishtail Braid, Four and Five Strand Braid, the Dutch Flower Braid (though this one is a bit epic fail since she got shorter hair, it would be perfect if her hair is longer) and very recently, as in, just now, I curled her hair with socks.

She wanted to go to the office tomorrow with a curly hair and wanted me to do her hair like what I did to mine today. So I said she need to take a bath tonight and just shower tomorrow without wetting her hair again so the curls would stay. I used 3 pairs of socks in her hair since she got smaller chunks of hair near her face.

So let me show you what I’ve been up to lately. ;)

French Fishtail Braid

This is the finish product of curling your hair with the use of socks. I’ll put the pic of my mom when I did hers in another post later. XD and btw, my hair is still a bit wavy after 13 hours. ;)

Curled Hair using Socks

This is my first ever try in making any of those youtube videos I saw… Here’s the proof that I got it correctly in my first try in making a Fishtail Braid. ;)

Fishtail Braid

I know this one is not perfect, but hey, practice makes it perfect. ;)

Katniss Everdeen’s Hairstyle

Four Strand Braid

Okay, this one is a bit epic fail since my mom’s hair is medium length only. I mean just below her shoulders so this hairstyle is not suitable since there’re still lots of hairs peeking out. >_< But if you do it on a longer hair, it’ll be awesome. :) I can’t wait to try it with my cousin’s hair. XD

Dutch Flower Braid

Lastly, the Five Strand Braid. This is a bit hard than the regular three strand braid and the four strand braid. I got it right after like 5 to 6 tries in my own hair. XD You should first try to master the regular braid then the four strand braid before you try this Five Strand Braid. :)

Five Strand Braid

That’s it! I’ll be watching other videos and try to do it in my own hair and let you guys see what it looks like. :) Laters! ♥


2 thoughts on “Ramblings: Braided and Curly Hairstyles.

    • I’m sure there are lots of hairstyles for curly hair too! :) My hair is really straight and flat. I’ve been wanting to have a curly hair since I saw how fun it could be. Hehehe. :p

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