In My Mailbox: a box full of Chocolates and Intangible by J. Meyers

I’ve been receiving lots of love this past two days. Feb 6 and 7. :) My e-mom, Leïla, sent me a box of chocolates that finally arrived yesterday, Feb 6, while I’m having my beauty sleep. LMAO. And today while I’m sleeping too (Feb 7), our house helper said I got a new mail. So she gave it to me and voila! A new book! :)

My box of chocolates came straight from Belgium. OMG right?! Land of Chocolates!

Camera 360

Box full of chocolates!!! :)

Camera 360

A more close up look. :)

I love them and I still got them. LMAO. I’m not willing to share! Kidding. :P Well, e-Mom said I should take down notes on what chocolates I like or dislike. :)

Camera 360

A book I won from a giveaway! :)


A short letter J.Meyers written with my name. :)



Yay for all the goodies I received yesterday and today. :) Hopefully I got the others I’ve been waiting for . :)


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