I’m Lexie and I’m a book blogger. I enjoy reading Young Adult books, whether it’s a Paranormal Romance or Dystopian or Contemporary. I also add books based on the covers. I know, it’s blasphemy to do that but I like pretty covers. I started reading Young Adult novels when Twilight came in to our book world. And then I can’t stop reading paranormal and dystopian books.

From time to time, I read Adult books too mostly because my friends from Goodreads, made me read them. I like writing short stories too. I wrote stories for my online friends when they had their birthdays and that stories are not for kids. Yep. Totally smut.

I’m currently addicted to watching Sherlock of BBC and The Big Bang Theory Series. OH, I will never forget about this other two new TV series too… Arrow and Beauty and the Beast. Also, a friend of mine, Philo, recommended me Doctor Who. So I’m gonna try that one out too. So many books and tv series to read and watch, so little time!

I like animes and mangas too. I read shoujo, shounen and YAOI type of mangas. I don’t do YURI, sorry. I like Japanese culture, love to listen to Japanese Rock especially the GazettE, like watching Korean Dramas and Variety shows. A fan of KPOP music and The Cab. Sometimes I do photography too. I want to be a photographer, but sadly I realized that one way too late. I’m a Computer Engineer graduate by the way.

You could definitely find me more in Goodreads, so here’s my Goodreads Account.


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