Read: True by Hilary Duff {eARC}


The epic love story of Clea and Sage comes to its thrilling conclusion in the final book in the Elixir series by multi-talented star Hilary Duff. Following the harrowing events of Elixir and Devoted—and the ceremony that almost killed Sage—Clea faces a new reality: With Sage’s soul in Nico’s body, the love of her life looks an awful lot like her best friend’s boyfriend. Can Clea and Sage really be happy under these circumstances?

Clea wants to try to enjoy their new life together, but Sage is acting different—angry—and she struggles to keep her friends from finding out what has happened to him. Something is clearly haunting Sage, and Clea is losing control. Can she trust her friends with the dangerous truth, or will she have to risk losing Sage to madness?

Ratings: 2.5/5 stars

Release Date: 16th April 2013

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Review Copy: at Edelweiss


I hope I’ll get the approve for the ARC… I wanna know it so bad. LOL. :p

UPDATE: 12.28.12 YAY!!! Got approve for ARC!!! :)

Okay… When I first started reading this third book, I can’t remember what really happened in the second book. Yes, I also forgot what’s the title for the second book. :/ I just know that Sage’s soul is now inside Nico’s body. I don’t remember who the hell is Ben. Then I started to remember as I go on reading this book.

When I started reading the first book a year or so ago, I know that I liked it a lot. And I also know that the plot line is somewhat similar to The Immortal series of Alyson Noel and… I know there’s this other book that’s alike with this. Regardless of it being similar to The Immortals, I still liked it (yes, even The Immortals, I liked it back then.) Anyway, the plot line as I was saying was that Elixir thingy that you’ll be immortal if you drink it. And there’s a series of past life for the girl and the boy is always trying to save the girl and there’s this other boy who ALWAYS ruin things for them because that other boy’s in love with the girl.

So yeah, I had enough of those kind of plot. What I liked was that Hilary Duff took a different approach about it. Well, not that really different. Er… As I have said, Sage’s soul was now inside Nico’s body.

Hmmm… I KNOW I remember something about a ghost who helped Clea in the second book. Actually it’s a family of ghosts or souls or whatever they were called.I think it was because of drinking the Elixir. They just became a conscious projection of mind or something. That’s what I remember too about the second book. And I keep expecting she would show up again.

But no she didn’t. I can’t remember if there was a real reason as to why she can’t be shown again in the last book. True is a bit weird for me. Because honestly, I don’t really find it okay. For Sage’s soul to be in there. I mean, it’s Nico’s body. Hello? Awkward much? Even if you say that you could see Sage inside. And there’s no trace of Nico anymore. :/

The story by the way revolves around that problem, of Sage’s soul inside Nico’s. And how it’s like rejecting his soul. Okay, you read it and judge it. I don’t know what to say anymore. It’s just my opinion. I would suggest if you are not satisfy with my review that you read it and find out about it yourself. For me, it was okay. 2.5 stars.


BOTW: Harbinger by Peta Crake {7th December 2012}


As an Olympic messenger, suburban Aussie girl Ophelia Lind is used to being at the beck and call of the gods. But when gorgeous demigod Aden moves into her neighbourhood and starts taking advantage of her services, Ophelia believes life could not get any worse. She’s about to be proven very wrong.

Ophelia tries to enjoy a normal, everyday life while running messages for the Greek gods – but without warning an odious creature – evil incarnate – begins to stalk her. As a messenger dealing with the all-powerful and sometimes frightening gods, Ophelia is accustomed to adventures and scrapes. But this is different. Even Aden, who is madly and deeply in love with Ophelia, finds it difficult to protect her. Suddenly Ophelia is in a battle for survival and begins to question everything – her upbringing, her identity, and her true feelings for the alluring and entirely frustrating Aden.

Ratings: 2.5/5stars

Release Date: 16th August 2012

Where to Buy: Kobo | iTunes


Okay… First of all, I really love Mythologies. Although I read Greeks and Roman Mythologies only. Second, I love the cover. ;) So when Harbinger was recommended to me, I really thought that I would really love it. So it’s kinda sad that I am just okay with it. I mean, it started out good. But then I don’t know what happened, it just fall apart. It went down, down, down. And I am bored by it. I was stuck at that 78%. Struggling with it to end.

I keep putting off that last 22%. Cause that part got a long monologue. So I skip those part, like describing the place Ophelia’s in. Really, why does it have to be so long and without any dialogues? And the characters connection? It was just okay. I think I like Hermes more for Ophelia than Aden. :/

It was such a slow paced book in my opinion. And the action part I thought would show, didn’t. I was actually left a bit hanging cause I want to know Ophelia’s powers or new job. I want to see the romance between her and Aden which really really, lack. For crying out loud, she spent most of her time in that awful place and the time with Aden is so short you don’t feel it.

But I give the author kudos for the Mythology part. It was good although not that great. And I liked that part with Aphrodite and Ophelia. That showdown. ;) All in all, it was okay-ish good. So 2.5 stars.