Free Kindle Books at Amazon

There are lots of free eBooks anywhere over the internet. Some legal, some illegal. And for those of you didn’t know… Amazon is one of those legal site where they got free ebooks. They always have. And some authors make their books for free in a limited time but still, it’s free so we better thank them and read their books. ;)

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I was looking at Lacey Weatherford’s Amazon Page and I saw that Chasing Nikki is free for all to download as long as you got Kindle. If you don’t, then download a Kindle app for your PC or Kindle app for your smart phone/Android tablet for free at Amazon. And of course you had to have an Amazon account. It’s all for free. :)

So here are some the links of books I found today. :)

For more free Young Adult books go here.

To download a Kindle reading App for your smartphones/android tablets/cloudreader/PC or whatever, go here.