House M.D. VS Reading Books

OH. MY. GOD. I haven’t been here for days! Why?? Blame Dr. House! Or blame my brother for giving me DVDs of House M.D. for Christmas! >:( I don’t really have books to review because I wasn’t reading anything. And okay, so I finished this book called Fallen Kingdoms but I only got a short review. Look at my Goodreads here.

Who the heck wouldn’t love Dr. House? He’s like Sherlock Holmes. And I just read in Wikipedia that the creator is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, hence, Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes are almost the same. I love both of them. I’m really a fan of Sherlock and Dr House even though both topics they cover are unknown to me.

Oh you know, I don’t really understand ALL the stuffs they’re spouting. I’m not a detective and/or a Doctor. But I like watching genius, jerk, weird guys trying to save people or uncovering the truths.

I’m now on Season 2 finale. Well, almost. Just 2 more episodes I’ll be on Season 3 now. But I need to read Indigo Awakening first. :-\ Pretty hard to do when you got Dr. House to distract you.

So that’s why I haven’t updated my wordpress yet! :( Sad but I love watching him sooooo… I’ll try to read more… :-\